- development and realization of new technologies in your plant;
- delivery of required machines and tools;
- development of automation systems;
- assistance in financing organization.

Examples of fulfilled projects:

1. Automation system for mold parts production

Task: development and introduction of an automation system for mold parts production
Solution: development of the production line, including:
- pallet loading station (1)
- milling machine (2)
- pallet station (3)
- control-measuring machine, presetting station (4)
- 1st EDM machine (5)
- 2nd EDM machine (6)
- software
- existing machines at customers site (7)

- 1 operator for all machines
- possibility of an autonomous work during the night
- increase of the productivity for more than 100%
- permanent control
- increase of the product quality (repeatability, no human factor)
- other

2. Development of the line for used car tires utilisation, OK technology

Task: Development of the line for used car tires utilisation using a high-end technologies
Solution: Ozone knife technology (OK) was developed by russian scientists from Troick. The nature of this technology is the natural process of rubber destruction under exposure to atmospheric ozone. This technology allows you get approx. 90% of rubber powder from the tire.

- ecological clean and energy saving line;
- high quality of the main final product without any impurities (metal cords, textile fiber);
- versatility which allows to process various kinds of rubber waste;
- compact line