EMCO Open House 2012!

 At the Open House, which will occur in the Hallein Technology Center, we would like to introduce you the latest developments in our different lines of machines - the machines are fully equipped to face challenges and the EMCO team is looking forward to your visit.

Innovation on the EMCO Open House
Travelling column type machining centre MMV 2000 for the machining of large workpiece with the best surface finish quality
Hyperturn TRIPLETURN and DUOTURN, with two or three tool turrets
Vertical Lathe VT 400 for the complete machining of large and heavy parts
WinNC for Sinumerik Operate and much more 
Machine and Personal Trainer, all in one.
Now, for any Concept Machine (CT 250, 450 und CM 250, 450), a free Campus single licence
Special offer valid from 01.03.-31.08.2012
Move from theory into practice on the machine within a few seconds
Internet connection (with standard PC network) from the machine: you can switch directly to EMCO CAMPUS
Instructor support with no change from the class room